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There are apps available that allow one to be a little creative or otherwise have some fun by switching faces of people in a picture. Earlier this week one of my Facebook friends posted some pictures where the faces of the folks in the pics had been switched. The same body, but a different face. […]

Many Religions Lead to Eternal Life?

Is it possible there is a wide range of diverse religions that may equally have the joyous result of bringing their adherents to the heavenly city and eternal life? Apparently there are a lot of Americans [and other people throughout the world] who think so. The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life conducted a […]

25 Things Satan Cannot Do

Satan cannot wish God out of existence. Satan cannot diminish the power of God’s love. Satan cannot transfer us to a position beyond the reach of God and his love. Satan cannot confuse God so He is unable to know those who belong to him. Satan cannot tempt God to do evil. Satan cannot alter […]

What Are We Ashamed Of?

Children go through challenging times on their journey to adulthood. In their teens as they are developing their own identity and independence they may experience feelings of embarrassment while in the presence of their friends and parents simultaneously. Children fear their parents may say or do something that puts them in an “awkward” position or […]

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April 30, 2014April 30, 2014